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Series VIII

Form 21 Turn, Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch

  1. Sit back and shift weight onto right leg. Body turns to the right (6 o'clock) , with toes of left foot turned inward. Then shift weight back onto left leg. As body turns right hand circles towards the right and downward and then, with fingers clenched into a fist, moves past abdomen beside left ribs withknuckles up. At the same time, raise left arm above head with palm turned obliquely upwar. Look forwar. 9Figs 155-156)
  2. Turn body to the right (8 o'clock) . Right first thrusts upward and forward in front of chest withknuckles turned down. Left hand lowers to the side of left hip with palm turned downward and fingers pointing forward . At the same time, draw back right foot and, without stopping or allowing it to touch floor, step forward with toes turned outward. Look at right fist. (Figs. 157-158)
  3. Shift weight onto right leg and step forward with left foot. Meanwhile, parry withleft hand moving up and forward from the left side in a circular movement, palm turned slightly downward, and pull right fist in a curve back to the side of right waist with knuckles turned downward. Look at left hand. (Figs. 159-160)
  4. Left leg bends to form a "bow step" . Meanwhile, right fist thrusts forward at chest level with the back of hand facing the right side. Pull left hand back to the side of forearm. Look at right fist. (Fig. 161)

    Points to remember: Clench right fist loosely. while pulling back the fist. forearm is first turned inward and then outwar. While the fist stirkes forward, riht shoulder follows the mvoement and extends slightly forward. Hold shoulder and elbows down. Face9 o'clock in the final position.

Form 22 Apparent Close-up

  1. Left hand stretches forward from below right wrist; right fist opens, Turn palms up, separate hands and pull them back slowly. Sit back with toes of left foot raised, shifting weight onto with toes of left foot raised, shifting weight onto right leg. Look forward. (Figs. 162-164)
  2. Turning palms down in front of chest , push them downward past abdomen and then forward andupward. The movement finishes with wrists at shoulder level, palms facing forward. At the same tiem , bend left leg to form a "bow step". Look between the hands. (Figs. 165-167)

    Points to remember: Do not lean backward when sitting back. Keep buttocks in. Relax shoulders and turn elbows slightly outward as arms are pulled back in unison with body mvoement. Do not pull arms back straight. The extended hands should be no farther thean shoulder width apart. Face 9 o'clock in the final position.

Form 23 Cross Hands

  1. Bend right knee and sit back , shifting weight onto right leg. Body turns to the right (1 o'clock) as toes of left foot turn inward. Following body turn, both hands move to the sides in a circular movement at shoulder level, with palms facing forward and elbows slightly bent. Meanwhile, toes of right foot turn slightly outward and weight is shifted onto right leg to form a side"bow step". Look at right hand . (Figs. 168-169)
  2. Weight is slowly shifted onto left leg and toes of right foot turn inward. Then bring right foot towards left foot so that they are paralle and shoulder-width apart; legs are gradually straightened. At the same tiem, move both hands down and cross them in front of abdomen , then raise the crossed hands to chest level with wrists at shoulder level, right hand on the outside and palms facing inward. Look straight forward. (Figs. 170-171)

    Point to remember: Do not lean forward when separating or crossing hands. When taking the parallel stance, keep body naturally erect, with head held straight and chin tucked slightly inward. Keep arms rounded in a comfortable position, with shoulders and elbows held down. Face 12 o'clock in the final position.

Form 24 Closing Form

Turn palms forward and downward while lowering both hands gradually to the side of hips. Look straight forward. (Figs. 172-174)

Point to remember: keep whole body relaxed and slowly draw a deep breath (exhalation may be somewhat prolonged ) as hands are lowered. Place left foot next to right foot after breathing becomes even. Take a brief walk before beginning any other activity.

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