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WHAT IS Feng Shui ?


Feng Shui is a Chinese science and art . It has its foundations in the Taoism and has been applied for more than three thousand years.

The Taoism teaches that we, our planet Earth and the universe are linked. The environment and us are part of the whole. We human beings are only a small part of the universe and most frequently we feel as if we were the center of the universe.

The Taoism also says about the intrinsic relationship between our environment and our inner space.

The Taoism based on its theory of resonance also asserts that our actions here in Earth has effect in the Cosmos and that the movements of the universe affects us here in the Earth's surface.

There is an energy which pervades everything in the universe. It is also present in all the components of what lives in earth . It is present in water, in the wind, in the air, and in all dense and fluid matter. It is the energy which makes everything exists among us including ourselves.

This energy in Sanskrit is called "kundalini" in other languages it is "ki" or "chi". It is an essential force that ripples water, creates mountains,  breathes life into plants, trees, and human beings. It drives the human beings along their lives.

If the "ki" is diverted to an improper direction, the life and the fortune of the persons can be changed. The human beings feel and are affected by "ki" even without knowing it.

Literary Feng Shui means wind (feng) and water (shui) these words mean the power of two elements of nature which can flow with great strength. This power is derived not only from the flow of surface energy on Earth but also from the flux of energy trough the planet.

The beneficial energy - the "ki ", naturally flows in our inner and outer environments and to live in happiness and good fortune we need to be in harmony with that energy. One harmonic Feng Shui in a certain environment will make the person who lives in it have good fortune, peace, and long life.

In simple terms Feng Shui is the art and science which organizes the environments in a way that their inhabitants will feel in harmony .